Pilot Operated Pressure Unloading type (UZOP)

Pressure control valves unloading subplate/threaded/cartridge pilot operated type UZOP


WN Pmax (Bar) Qmax [dm3/min] Data Card
6,10,20,30 315 240 WK 420 290

Product overview

  • Suitable for mounting in any position
  • Various Types of setting element: Knob, Lock with or without key, Allen key adjust.
  • Various ranges of pressure adjustment
  • Available version with or without a check valve
  • Available with or without unloading direct operated with a DC or AC electromagnet of different values of supply voltage for NS 10, 20, 30 Normally open or Closed Function.
  • Manual control of electromagnets with a manual override switch – in an event of a power failure
  • Various types of supplying and discharge of control pressure