HY Series Aluminium Gear Pumps

Product overview

Hydraulic Aluminium Gear Pumps – HY2 Series
A brand new range of gear pumps based on the experience and knowledge acquired over many years of engineering and manufacturing, the HY2 series is provided with an aluminium alloy housing, two gear wheels supported by sleeve bearings and cast iron flange and cover.
The HY2 series, available as pumps and motors, offers high efficiency, low noise level and can be applied in standard and heavy duty application thanks to the high reliability and the accuracy of design and production.  The pumps can be supplied as single, or as multiple units with a huge variety of options on flanges, shafts and ports, providing the right setup on each application.
Displacements:  From 4.5 cm³/rev to 31.7 cm³/rev     From 0.27 in³/rev to 1.93 in³/rev
Pressures:   Max continuous 260 bar (3770 psi)     Max intermittent 290 bar (4200 psi)     Max peak 310 bar (4500 psi)
Max Speed:   4000 rpm