Directional Control Valves Pilot Operated Electrically Controlled Type (WEH 22)

Directional Control valve. Electro-hydraulically operated (WEH 22)


WN Pmax [Bar] Qmax [dm3/min] Data Card
22 350 450 WK 460 110

Product overview

  • Electro-hydraulically operated directional control valves for subplate mounting.
  • Connection compliant with ISO 4401 (CETOP).
  • Available in a wide range of spool configurations.
  • Available in spring centred, spring offset or hydraulic centring
  • Available with emergency hand override.

Options Available:

  • Spool time control.
  • Spool position limiter.
  • S or M type spool position monitoring.
  • P port throttling Options and sizes.
  • Various sealing options.