Directional Control Valve (WE10)

Directional Control Valve NG6, valve with soft-shift function type (WE10P)


WN P max [BAR] Q Max [dm3/min] Data Card
10 350 160 WK 427 700

Product overview

  • Suitable for subplate mounting in any position
  • Connection compliant with ISO 4401 (CETOP) for NS size 10
  • Direct operated with DC or AC electromagnets for various supply voltage values
  • Electrical connection for nominal sizes 6 and 10:
    • SO 4400  (DIN 43650 – A)
    • type Deutsch
    • type AMP Junior Timer
  • Manual Lever integration option
  • Monitoring of spool Positions A, B & AB with inductive sensor Available
  • Available special versions for low temperatures up to -40 °C
  • Option of an emergency manual control
  • Innovative construction design allowing large flow rate at maximum pressure 160 Bar. (certain spool configurations)