Diaphram Accumulators

Product overview

Diaphragm accumulators Freudenberg available in PONAR Wadowice

Diaphragm Accumulators are used to store hydraulic fluid under pressure and, if necessary, transfer it to the system. The main elements of the bladder accumulator construction are tank, diaphragm, security insert, gas valve, oil port. The working liquid is incompressible, so in order to store energy, the phenomenon of gas compressibility (nitrogen) is used, which reduces its volume due to compression

We offer MBSP diaphragm accumulators with pressure up to 350 bar and their volume can range from 0.07 to 3.5 litres. Special versions with different parameters are also possible, e.g. made of stainless steel.

Use of diaphragm accumulators:

  • Limitation of pressure peaks
  • Vibration damping
  • Shock absorption
  • Energy storage
  • Leak compensation

For MBSP diaphragm accumulators, we also offer accessories and spare parts – clamps, fastenerssafety blocksshut-off blocks, diaphragms.

Diaphragm accumulator with ATEX, CE / PED certificate and on request with others, e.g. DNV, ASME etc.